At Sing-a-song we learn about music through singing. 

The voice is the instrument that we all have, it comes directly from the heart and if you are looking for a way to develop musical ability then here is the place to start!

This educational philosophy was developed by Hungarian Zoltán Kodály. In a Kodály class the children enjoy singing and playing musical games which are later used to introduce the elements of music. 


When the children are aware of these elements in the songs they sing they can use them to compose and improvise their own music. If a child understands how these elements work he/she will use them more effectively when learning a musical instrument. 

Above all things we enjoy making music together!


Piano and Kodály Musicianship Teacher

Angela Fogg

Angela Fogg (M.A. LRSM CKME FRSA MISM) is a pianist and teacher of piano and Kodály. She has run the Sing-a-Song Kodály classes at E.T.N.A. for 30 years, starting in September 1989! She has subsequently taught many of the children the piano. She teaches Kodály to the Junior School at Sacred Heart Teddington and for  Colourstrings Music School based at Kingston University. She is secretary of the Education Planning Board for the British Kodály Academy. Angela also works with larger groups of singers, the Choir at Sacred Heart School and Choir at Colourstrings Music School. She has just completed an MA, The Teaching Musician at Trinity Laban.  


Angela is also part of the BKA’s work teaching adults and future teachers how to teach Kodály. She has taught Musicianship and Kodály Methodolgy to music teachers on the British Kodály Academy Easter residential course and is a lecturer and marker for

the Certificate course.

Angela has a full current DBS certificate.


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